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Last updated date: March 1, 2023 “Mail Speak” and “smaSensor” provided by IMD

Co. Ltd. Please read the following definitions and terms of use before using this software. By using this software, you agree to the definitions and terms of use. If you do not agree, you cannot use this software.


1) This software is the computer program included in the system package (hereinafter referred to as this package) provided to the customer by our company, the network server assistance and manual for operating this package for the correct purpose. etc., including related materials. Regarding this software, this provision shall also apply to the latest version and successor version provided by our company later.

2) The basic operation of this software is to read out your email.

3) We are not responsible or liable for any loss, accident, or disadvantage caused by this software or any matter, loss, accident, or disadvantage caused by non-transmission of data.

4) Even if any user protection function, privacy protection function, confidentiality function, etc. provided by this software cannot demonstrate its effect, we will not be liable for any matters, accidents, or disadvantages caused by it. We do not take any responsibility or obligation. Our common service privacy policy shall be posted on (hereinafter referred to as our privacy policy).

5) A user in this software means a registrant who has properly completed membership registration according to the method specified by our company.

[Terms of Use]

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Terms of Use)

These terms and definitions apply to this software and all services incidental to it provided by our company.

Article 2 (license content)

The user can install this software only on compatible terminals.

Article 3 (Reproduction and analysis)

The user can reproduce this software for the purpose of basic operation of this software.
Duplication other than the basic operation of this software, analysis of this software, cracking, etc. are not allowed.

Article 4 (Changes to these Terms)

We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time without obtaining the consent of the User, and the User accepts this. All users shall be deemed to have accepted this at the time the change is presented on the network or at the time the application having this agreement is posted on the official download site.

Article 5 (Notice from our company)

The user shall be deemed to have received this from our company by the e-mail address specified as the user's contact information or the notification by the user notification function. If contact information is not specified, or if delivery is unsuccessful, we will notify you by displaying it on the network.

Article 6 (Modification of software functions)

Our company does not guarantee that the functions of this software will meet the user's purpose of use. In addition, we are not obliged to change the specifications to match this. In addition, even if there is a part that differs from the software that the user was using in the past, we are not obligated to change the use of this software. Changes in our software functions are subject to change without prior notice to the user, and the user accepts this and also agrees to automatically update to the latest software version at all times through an internet connection. .

Article 7 (Simultaneously Accompanying Agreement)

When the user uses the software of this system, it is assumed that the user has agreed to this agreement and the terms of use of the "Mobile Diet (Karada Mobile)" service. The terms of use for this service are posted on, and if you do not agree to the terms, you cannot use this application.

Article 8 (Protection and sharing of recorded content) We

will properly protect and manage the recorded content using this software based on our privacy policy. However, if the recorded contents are unexpectedly leaked or wiretapped in the communication path, etc., our company will not be held responsible.

In addition, when comments and meal contents are recorded (hereinafter referred to as “uploaded content”), based on anonymization based on our privacy policy, we may provide and utilize not only this software and this service but also at our discretion. In that case, regardless of the purpose of use, such as commercial or non-commercial use, regarding any rights held by the user regarding the uploaded content, we will not pay compensation or money, and we will be able to use it at our discretion. increase.

Article 9 (Software Support)

When the software that succeeds this software is shipped, the manufacture, sale, and distribution of the previous software (including software itself, parts and manuals) will be terminated. In addition, we do not provide software support by answering phone calls or dealing with customers at stores. Comments can be accepted by e-mail via the Internet or inquiries on the web, and in principle, individual support will not be provided during the trial period.

Article 10 (User registration)

User registration must be completed before using this software. A registrant who has completed user registration correctly will be the user of this software.
If you register a new user from this software and forget or lose the user registration ID or password, if you use the same SIM card within half a year, you can confirm the SIM card number by performing new registration again. and a password reissue notification will be sent to the email address registered when using the OS. If you lose or change your SIM card and forget or lose your ID and password, you will not be able to use the ID again. For the purpose of deleting the data of such ID, we may destroy all registered information without prior notice for IDs whose use cannot be detected by us for more than half a year.
In addition, regardless of intention or negligence, if there is a falsehood or error in the registration contents or registration method, the support and notifications that should be provided by the user registration may not be provided. In addition, the authority of the person using this software and this software itself cannot be transferred, lent or lent to a third party.

Article 11 (User information)

In order to safely operate this service for good users without being hindered by malicious third parties, this software may send user-specific information to the server. The transmission information consists of (1) user ID, (2) date and time, etc. We will properly protect and manage the handling of this information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Article 12 (Term of validity of license)

The license from our company to the user shall be valid from the time the package of this software is opened or the installation of this software is started. takes effect. Furthermore, if you violate any one of these Terms, or if you infringe on our copyrights, etc., the license will become invalid.

Article 13 (System usage fee)

Regarding the use of this software, multiple types and options are provided. No payment is required for downloads of Standard Editions marked as free.

Article 14 (When messages do not arrive, etc.)

Regardless of the reason, our company is not responsible for any damages incurred by the user due to problems arising from the use of this software. In addition, communication is impossible due to negligence or maintenance due to natural or man-made disasters of the premises network that provides communication services essential for the basic operation of this software, type 1 telecommunications carriers, or type 2 telecommunications carriers. We are not responsible for any malfunctions or malfunctions of this software that may occur if you do so.

Article 15 (Data rights and responsibilities)

Regarding the photos, images, and meal contents recorded and saved in this software and service, the user abandons all rights (including copyright, etc.) and does not ask for compensation, and we do not use it. The information can be used freely after performing statistical and anonymization so that the individual is not identified.

In addition, please use the nutritional components and numerical values ​​indicated by the food nutrition data (food data) used in this software and services as a guide only. We will take the best precautions and measures for the preservation and safe operation of the data saved and recorded by the user using this software, but we cannot guarantee any loss or loss. Unexpected accidents such as overcurrent, instantaneous power interruption, peripheral noise, radio wave interference, recording drive failure, recording media failure, etc., which make it impossible to read and write, or malfunction due to computer viruses, etc., which destroys data and makes it impossible to continue business. We do not take any responsibility even if you have installed this software at the time of management decision.

Article 16 (Software Liability)

Our company shall not be held responsible for any damages or disadvantages caused directly or indirectly by the use of this software, and shall not be obligated to compensate for any damages. In addition, the software cannot be used if it violates the matters incidental to this agreement.

Article 17 (Responsibility for operation surrounding environment)

All hardware settings necessary for operating this software, installation / uninstallation / reinstallation of basic software (OS etc.), maintenance of execution environment / data input This must be done at the user's expense. In particular, we do not take any responsibility or liability for network settings and troubleshooting, such as Internet connection.

Article 18 (Confirmation of packaging)

This software is distributed only by downloading from the Internet.
Package distribution is not possible.

Article 19 (Prohibition of dissemination of public order and morals, slanderous, obscene information)

Through the software provided by our company, it is prohibited to send or transmit information, text, voice, slanderous or obscene information, etc. that is against public order and morals. . If it is clear that such information has been sent, or if there is a complaint or notification from the recipient, we will request the user to report the situation, and we can suspend use at our discretion without waiting for a response. will do.

Article 20 (Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction Court)

If a lawsuit arises between the user and our company, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court for the first instance between the user and our company.

Chapter 2 Copyright

1. The copyright of this software belongs to our company. Our company permits registered users to use this software for those who have correctly registered as a user of this software, and the copyright of this software is protected.
2. The monitor display of the status of using this software and the publication/broadcasting, etc., using paper output from a printer, etc., cannot be carried out without the legitimate permission of our company.
3. You may not modify or disassemble this software for analysis.
4. You may not remove or obscure copyright notices, company name notices, or notice notices displayed on this software.

Supplementary provision

Our company does not make any guarantees other than the preceding paragraph to users of this software. In addition, as a result of using this software, our company will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user. In addition, the guarantee of equivalent replacement of software is valid only in Japan.

This agreement will come into effect from March 1, 2023.

If you do not agree to the above notes and terms of use, you cannot use this software and this service.

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