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Protection and Use of Information (Privacy Policy)

In the services and apps provided by the Company, excluding the user information defined below and information that can identify individuals, through statistical processing of information that is a statistical element of the user, the use of this service as the usage status of this service It may be used as information for users (e.g. rankings, etc.) and as information related to the operation of this service and apps.

Definition of user information (definition of information to be protected)

mail address
Mobile phone or PC address
telephone number
mobile phone or IP phone

Appropriate protection of user information

  1. We will properly protect user information of this service.
  2. We do not publish or sell any user information we record.
  3. The user information registered by the user in this service is used for the purpose of providing product services in the telecommunications business, providing information related to this, rational operation and providing after-sales service, and other purposes It is not. (Except when it is permitted to treat as an exception by law)
  4. We will manage user information in an appropriate manner and do our utmost to prevent risks such as unauthorized access to user information, loss, falsification, and leakage of user information. However, if information is lost, falsified, or leaked without our fault due to illegal acts, we will not be held responsible.
  5. As long as the user uses the same mobile phone or e-mail address, confirmation and correction of user information by the user can be performed on the service each time the service is used.
  6. If disclosure of user information is requested by a court or other judicial body, administrative agency, or type 1 telecommunications carrier operating a mobile communication business based on laws and regulations, we will disclose all or part of the user The user agrees that the department's information may be disclosed to the relevant judicial/investigative agencies, administrative agencies, and type 1 telecommunications carriers.
  7. We will comply with Japanese laws and other norms related to the protection of user information, continuously review the content, and strive to improve it.

Appropriate use of user information

  1. With regard to all information reported and transmitted to this service, users may delete, use, add, edit, modify, reproduce, publicly transmit, I agree to the translation/adaptation, reprinting, or posting/publishing on other media (including other sites and apps), and I cannot ask for any consideration or compensation.
  2. Under the appropriate protection of user information, the user agrees that we will provide the service usage status of the user to a third party for a fee or free of charge as a statistical service, and request compensation or compensation. I can't.

Inquiries regarding user information

  1. Our common user support (Basically, In Japanese Only)
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